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Anybody know if there are going to be more episodes of Hellsing? I've been reading what seem like wild, unsubstantiated rumors on the Interweb for a while now.

Or am I the only one that liked the first 13 eps?


  • There's supposed to be some Hellsing Ultimate thing. I never paid too much attention, though. Check the ANN Encyclopedia.
  • The Hellsing Ultimate OAV is much, much better than the old Hellsing. Much closer to the awesomeness that is the Manga. The first two? episodes have been released and subbed. Nazis Vampires, oh my!
  • Thanks. I've got my Bittorrent up and running to get it now. I've unblocked the ports through my firewall and am finally getting download speeds of 20-30 kb/s. I have no router. Anybody know any other tricks for speeding the DL up? I can download Geeknights 'casts at around 60 kb/s, and that speed would be great for BT.
  • Hellsing Ultimate currently has two episodes. It follows the events of the manga. The manga is AWESOME by the way.
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