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Libya appears to be almost finished with it's civil war, and I just read a comment somewhere that got me thinking. "10 years from now Iraq will still be a mess and Libya will be a strong international player with very positive ties to the west and other Arab nations."


  • Or will will descend into a sectarian melee of power consolidation and ethnic cleansing, especially the black Africans. A lot of the reports of Gaddafi using African mercenaries came from the black Africans who were fighting on his behalf of their own free will because he had put anti-racism policies in place (no doubt as a divide and conquer technique as opposed to any progressive impulse).

    Shit could go REALLY bad in Libya and I have a horrible feeling that, as long as who ever ends up in charge isn't a dick about oil or Israel, NATO is going to stand by and let it happen. I really hope I'm wrong.
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