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Tablets (the iPad kind)



  • Yeah. Still going to have to disagree. I don't scroll at all in the comics I read. Both the comics I purchase on Comixology or comics I obtain through the internets.

    Don't see the problem that you're going through.
  • The problem is that the Nexus 7 is a 16:9 screen, and the iPad mini is 4:3, neither of which are the actual ratio of a comic book, but the iPad won't have to scale down as much (the screens are the same height).
    Don't buy anything other than an iPad.
  • New iPad Mini with Retina: ordered!

    Now the super annoying wait until it arrives in the post.
  • After having it for about a month, I'm happy with my purchase of the new Kindle Fire HDX. With my iPad 2, I used it for about a year but never liked the size. Getting an HDX made sense for me because it's 7", so it feels good in my hand, and I buy most of my media from Amazon anyway, so that content is already there.

    That being said, it still has a lack of apps and a lot of the issues I have with Android in general, so I still end up using my iPhone for most things.
  • Today my new iPad Mini with Retina screen arrived! I'm using it for this very post. It's awesome. Soooo many apps are waaaaay better on an iPad compared to a iPhone, and the screen is gorgeous.

    My only problem is that now all the photos I output from Lightroom for uploading to Facebook and my blog look either tiny or shit. Time to up the resolution so my eyes don't bleed.
  • After fucking up a few times and accidentally factory resetting it and probably making my neighbors think I'm in an abusive relationship, I finally got Lollipop installed on my Nook HD+. Man, its like night and day. Its so much better than the 4.0-based firmware it came with. Even after the accidental factory reset when I first tried to do the setup so I could login and make sure clockwork mod was still installed, it was taking several seconds per letter just to type in my name and giving me a couple random reboots. Now its working great, especially from hardware from like 2012. If you have an older device that's slow now, I highly recommend installing some custom firmware if you can.
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