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New York AnimeFest/Comiccon 2011

edited September 2011 in Anime
I didn't see a thread so... who's going?


  • We'll be there at some point as press. Haven't decided exactly when yet. ^_~
  • I'm hoping to get in Thursday night for the press hours to pick up some things, and then maybe Friday to get whatever else I might want to get/see people I want to see.
  • Other than seeing Makoto Shinkai I'm mostly going to actually spend time trying to find some comics I've been looking for. Taking it slow and casual-like.
  • Will be there probably all three main days. Not economical for me to go in for Thursday and I normally would go on Sunday but I want to see the new Shinkai film.
  • My current plan is to take my daughter and one of her friends on Saturday. They just want to go hang out in the dealer area but that place is packed tighter than a can of sardines. Last time I was there I couldn't get out of that area fast enough.
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