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Splash @ MIT

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Annually, right at the beginning of Thanksgiving break for most colleges, MIT hosts an educational program for middle/high school students called Splash. Students, professors, graduates, anybody can teach a class on virtually any topic they'd like. I've taken classes on "The mathematics of knots," "Why open-source is important," and "How to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse." Other people teach cooking classes, engineering classes, it's pretty much all fair game. It's volunteer-run, so teachers aren't making money, but it's still a great experience. I was a student at this awesome program for 5 years, and it was super awesome. I tried teaching last year, unsuccessfully (no students showed up 'cause I tried teaching a 5-person class during a prime class hour, and I got assigned to a hard-to-find building), but I did enjoy volunteering immensely.

Any of you guys who might be interested, link is here, click "Teach" at the top if you're interested in registering a class to teach. Teacher registration closes in a couple days, though, so it's rather last-minute. Student registration doesn't start for a little while, though, so if you want to take classes/bring someone to take classes, you still have some time. I just registered a class, "Computer Building 101," so I'll be around that weekend. Anyone else interested?


  • Ah man! I've always meant to sign up for this but never have. This year will definitely be the year.
  • I went as a student last year, and plan on doing so again this year.
  • Hm, this sounds
    Who: Students in grades 7-12
  • Teaching is just as super awesome as taking classes, sign up for that sheeit.
  • I might. I can't think of anything that would be particularly interesting that I can fill an hour or two with, though.
  • I wish my school had this.
  • I might. I can't think of anything that would be particularly interesting that I can fill an hour or two with, though.
    Take a look at the previous years' class offerings - useful for brainstorming up class ideas.
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    Student registration goes up tonight. I'd love to know what classes you guys are teaching, so I can sign up for them.
    EDIT: Opens tomorrow night. I would still appreciate the information, though.
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  • I fucked up re: making a class this year, and I'm too old to learn, so I'm gonna bother all my friends while they're there.
  • What classes are you guys teaching?
  • Computer Building 101, like I said in OP
  • I'll be hosting a friend in my dorm and probably dropping by, but I'm in the same situation of having failed to sign up on time.
  • Ughh, I guess the page is getting hammered for the first-come-first-serve registration.
  • Well, I've heard that my class has filled up, so I'm pleased as punch. Hope all y'alls can get the classes you want.
  • Splash 2012, y'all! Teacher registration is up now (closing soon), student registration starts next month. I just registered to teach three classes yesterday, anyone else teaching or taking classes?
  • I'll be going again, but with Ikatono off at RIT now, I think I'm the only person on the forum eligible and anywhere near MIT.
  • I'm especially interested if any RIT people wanna come teach - right now I'm probably gonna end up relying on a long-ass train, but a carpool would be infinitely better.
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