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What do you think about other forum software?

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Why do you prefer one over another? For what circumstances would one forum be a better choice? What is on your list of pros and cons for Vanilla, MyBB, SMF, and so on? Does choosing a forum for your website depend highly on the topics it handles? For example, gaming and tech, music and entertainment, and so on.
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  • Everything else I've seen is almost 100% shit. I think the last version of Vanilla was preferable in terms of interface, but Vanilla 2 still holds up as the best available by far. Lithium, PhpBB, MyBB, SMF, vBulletin, they're all garbage. I prefer stark minimalism on my boards, which is why the Vanilla framework is so good, and also why I straight-up don't participate on boards that don't use Vanilla.
  • I don't care enough about website coding or design platforms to notice anything other than shit is blue now.
  • As long as there are no signatures, I can deal with most anything.
  • As long as there are no signatures, I can deal with most anything.
    And no gigantic avatars, and no post counts, and no nonsense.
  • As long as there are no signatures, I can deal with most anything.
    And no gigantic avatars, and no post counts, and no nonsense.
    I've been going to only this forum for so long that I forgot about all of those horrible things.

  • Actually, I've never really participated in any other forum, but whenever a Google search brings me to a forum with those things, I cry a little inside.
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    The thing is, you could relatively easily create a theme for any of those other forums that is nice like Vanilla. As far as users like you are concerned, it's the theme that really matters most. It's just that Vanilla happens to have a nice theme by default.
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  • I use several other forums that use different software, phpBB and vBulletin. I have no problem with any of them really.
  • The Giantbomb people have built theirs from scratch to integrate with their wiki-style site, and it's about as clean as this is. They also have a number to represent their e-peen, the same way post count works, but theirs comes from editing their wiki. A good system overall, and quite interesting to compare to this and other forums.
  • Nevermind, seems that is Vanilla. I'm dumb and don't know how to research my facts.
  • I like vBulletin when the admin doesn't load it down with addons. I think vanilla is alright as a free option, but doesn't work the bestest (especially by default) in Play-by-Post games and such.
  • vBulletin is already bulky as it is in my opinion. A minimalist approach to forum software isn't that bad at all, but I guess it really depends on what you need in a forum.
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    Simple Machines is pretty good, if you don't pile it with addons and you administer it correctly. Not quite as good as vanilla, but not bad by any means.

    There's another forum I use that uses SMF, and literally the only problem I have with it is that they're allowing signatures, but the admin can turn those off.
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  • If I had to use something other than Vanilla, I'd use SMF. I've administered it before, and it's basically the one non-worthless "PHPbb-style" board.
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