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Mario Kart 7 Forum Play

edited December 2011 in Video Games
I created an FRC Forum community on Mario Kart 7. Search the code for 11-5792-3308-9084 under Communities to join. I set the rules as 150cc - All Items. When we play games within the community, it automatically keeps track who wins the most, which is nice. I figure we can have this room for general/casual play and then create new rooms for each tournament we decide to do.


  • Sounds like a plan! I'm all for this!
  • This is the greatest danger to my productivity since I discovered /r/MLP. Good thing this won't be 24/7.
  • Diggety-dog.
  • I'll definitely be in on this when I get back from New York.
  • Just got the game. Soooo goood! I can't wait to play with you all!
  • Heh. Just got this email from Nintendo:
    This is an update for the Mario Kart 7 game that will resolve shortcut exploits in the following Online Multiplayer mode courses: Wuhu Loop, Maka Wuhu and Bowser Castle 1. Starting 5/16/12, this update will be required in order to play Online Multiplayer mode. You can still play Single-Player mode or Local Multiplayer mode without installing the update. To get the update, visit the Nintendo eShop*.
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