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OS-tans and the slightly off-kilter people that love them

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So a topic that is a personal obsession of mine has come up on GeekNights, and I just wanted to talk [see: rant] about it.

As the linked wikipedia article on the front page and Rym explained, the OS-tans are the anthropomorphic representations of operating systems. The OS-tans also include characters for other programs as well, such as Firefox, Norton Antivirus, Thunderbird, and even some pieces of hardware such as the AMD Athlon CPU.
While the majority of attention has been given to the Microsoft line of products, Mac and Linux have also some representation. For Mac, there is notably OS9 and OSX. The Linux mascot is generally seen as an amalgamation of different Linux components, though some have tried to create individual mascots for each distro. And to answer Scott's question, there is a BSD girl, though I believe currently there is only one image of her.

Oh, and for the record: the OS-tans are not chibi, though chibi versions exist. And 2k does not have an inordinately large appetite.

Related to this are cute girl versions of coins, tanks, aircraft (military and civilian), trains, and various other electronic appliances.


  • Anyone else sensing a trend here?

    Oh, and as an aside, does anybody have a link to a picture of the OSX-tan. Might make a nice Hard-drive Icon.
    A list of the different OSes are on the left frame.
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