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Fixing your Xbox

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So... I had RROD on one of my Xboxes. I attempted to fix it and failed. I then obtained a second Xbox with a broken disk drive. I installed the working disk drive from the RROD box and now the Xbox will not read games. It will read DVDs and CDs but when I put a game in it says please put this disk in a XBox.... Any ideas how to fix?


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    Why did you not call Microsoft for either box? Warranty ran out?
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  • Eeyup. Costs 140 to fix. or 199 for a new one. I figured Id try a 20 fix first.
  • Try looking up "Replace Xbox DVD Drive.".

    Think I heard that the drives are flashed with an individual code that you have to extract and flash when you replace them. They may also have different manufacturers.
  • Onmutia sounds right. I remember reading something about that when my old Xbox started getting a bit wonky.
  • I made it work! I had to remove the chip from the RROD Xbox and replace it into the non disk reading one. Also I had to clean the fuck out of the non disk reading one. It had like a pound of dust in it. BUT IT WORKS!!!! A 20 dollar fix!!! Im holding on to the other parts though, they may come in handy in the future...
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