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Anime Licensing Fees

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As Scrym have always complained, the Anime Industry has always been secretive about it's licensing deals and fees. From the legal fallout of the ADV bankrupcy, Anime News Network has acquired a list of licensing fees paid for shows in the 2006-2007 era.

I'm surprised by how wide the range is; Nearly a million dollars for "Kurau: Phantom Memory" to $20,000 for Air: The Movie. The average seems to be around a hundred thousand for an average title, and closer to a half million for what Japan considers "Big" titles.

Not included are any information as to dub/sub production costs or gross income, so we can't tell what the returns are. Still; Interesting to finally see what the cost of licensing looks like.


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    That's... not a whole lot! Maybe I should get into anime localization. Then again, I can't really think of any business model that could earn me money and have the potential costumers not pirate instead.

    What I personally would like to use, but from reading comments around the internet, I'm sure no one else would, is a client or website that keeps track of the shows you're subscribed to/Have in your "I'd like to watch this some time I'm looking for something new!"-list, and just torrent them for you when they're available with ads where the ads go.

    Do you know if DVD versions are more expensive, or have a separate fee? Most shows get cleaned up before the Japanese DVD releases. I know US DVDs usually come out a lot earlier, so it probably doesn't include whatever new footage or error-fixes, but I wonder if they'd be legally allowed to rerealase under the same license with those changes later.
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  • Seeing this, it's not unreasonable to believe that some older properties could be funded (license and subtitling) fully through a reasonably successful Kickstarter, assuming one knew the proper people to talk to.
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