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Happy Groundhog Day!

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Just so you know, I'm writing a concept album/musical/one person show based on the movie Groundhog Day. Maybe I'll perform it in the future, but for now I'm just using it as a source of inspiration to write interesting songs from a different perspective than normal.

Here's a song called The Groundhog Waltz

I'm a groundhog, small and round
I'm often found down in the ground
That's in my name, but don't be mistaken
I'm not a pig, I'm no good for bacon.

I live in muddy hole under a log.
A rodent that's just called a hog.
I chew on branches, gnaw on wood
A bit like a beaver but not quite as good.

I can't jump like a squirrel or fly like a bat
Swim like an otter or purr like a cat
Or spray like a skunk or run like a hare
Or hunt like a fox or fight like a bear

In fact there's nothing special about me
The world would be the same without me
No-one gives me any thought
My wikipedia page is very short
I have no special purpose here
Except for just one day of the year!

I'm a groundhog, look at me
You're not so impressed but there's more you can't see
The other rodents shrug "whatever"
But none of them can forecast the weather.

I have this special super power
But only on a single hour
Around about seven or eight
Just after dawn, on one single date

On the morning of the second day
Of the second month, then I have my say.
And all the humans from the town
Arrive at my home, they all gather round.

They visit me for a single reason
I predict the end of the coldest season.
They want to know if they will see
Another six weeks of misery
Of ice, and wind, and hail, and snow.
Or will spring come soon? And I let them know!

In winter Groundhogs hibernate
I sleep through cold, it's the best way to wait.
But by February I really need to eat and to poop

I poke my little nose out of my burrow
Will I leave my hole today or tomorrow?
If the clouds cover the sun
Then spring will come soon, and my sleeping is done.

But if the sun shines down on me
And if my shadow is the first thing I see
It scares me and I turn around
And shuffle back down underground

You might think the sun is a sign of good luck
The reverse is true for this little woodchuck
Another six weeks of winter is on the way.
Another six weeks of winter is on the way.

I'm a groundhog, or more specifically
Marmota Monax, my name scientifically.
In fact, I will now unapologetically
Define myself further phylogenetically.

I have a brain, so in the Kingdom Animalia
I have a spine, so in the Phylum Kordata
Drank milk when young, so in the Class Mammalia
Two long front teeth, so in the Order Rodentia

My tail is bushy, a little bit squirrelly
So that means I'm off the Sciuridae Family
But I dig holes, so in the Genus Marmota
Do you care a lot, or not one iota?

No, I see you have only one query
Always the same, it makes me so weary
How much wood would a wood chuck chuck?
And I can't chuck wood, so I don't give a duck.

But then on one day of every year
I answer the question that I like to hear.


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    I recorded a demo of all the songs in the musical/concept album. I'll be doing more professional recordings in the future, but for now I hope people enjoy this.

    Hmmm, not sure how to embed soundcloud on the forum.
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