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Wolf's Rain Questions

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I know that at this point this show is pretty ancient but I just finished watching it recently and I've got some questions about the plot.

It's alluded to that the Nobles have different origins to the rest of humanity who are supposed to be descended from Wolves. Is it ever hinted what these origins actually are?

What exactly happened 200 years before the beginning of the plot?

What was the difference between the Noble's paradise and the Wolve's paradise?

Many Thanks for any answers.


  • Wow, I apparently remember nothing from this show.
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    Wouldn't the wikipedia page answer those questions? *not actually gonna look at the page to find out*
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  • Wouldn't the wikipedia page answer those questions?

  • I am pretty sure there is only one paradise and the "Noble's paradise" was just an artificial paradise, or an illusion in the artificial paradise. Did you watch the dub? I think this was a bit more clear in the sub but it has been a while for me.
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    Did you finish the OAV episodes that lead to the ending as well? In my opinion a masterpiece for finishing of the series, it made the entire journey so worth it.

    If you have not watched the OAVs that finish off the show,stop reading now and go watch the thing. But if you have here is my take.

    ----Spoiler wall------

    This was apocalypse at the truest sense of the word. All the humans are dead, save the main characters we have grown to be famillair with. Opening Paradise was not taken in a literal way, it simply meant the start of a new cycle.

    Humans and wolves follow a cycle similar to Buddhist Reincarnation, and the idea of karma is played throughout the series as well. Reaching Paradise is like Reaching Enlightenment in Buddhism, which means you are able to get out of the cycle of death and rebirth, becoming a perfect being.

    I believe this was what the Nobles wanted. A creation of a false paradise, a false enlightenment, so they could escape the cycle of death and rebirth forcefully.

    However Kiba is not such a being, he simply the one who will continually open the gate, he and Chesa, the flower maiden, end the old and open the new, while the Evil and Yin of the world is represented by Darcia, who was also such a being in the previous world, and he becomes said evil presence when he recalls his past life as a wolf. His eyeball which survives and taints the new world will become the source of all yin, and be the catalyst to start the next apocalypse.

    Remember that Kiba, in the first episode flashback which mirros the last scene in the final episode, is "enlightened" to the idea that there is NO paradise at the end. It was simply the creation of a new cycle, and at the end there was simply nothing. His enlightenment was the reason why Chesa's seeds could bloom, and the cycle could restart, and keep the earth from simply staying a barren husk.

    The wolves in the show are all reborn as normal humans, except Kiba. It is alluded that he continues as the gatekeeper with no recollection of the past, and this time searches for Paradise again. He will continually do so in the cycle of life and death, until the apocalypse, where he will come to his enlightenment again and restart the cycle anew. It is not directly shown whether he is still a wolf, or a human in this world.

    I know im missing and skipping a hell lot of metaphors, scenes and observations, but this is my very fast take on it. Wolf's rain is one of those shows that i loved through and through, and is deep enough for multiple essays to be written. Keiko Nobumoto, the writer and creator, also did the entire screenplays for classics like Cowboy Bebop and Macross Plus, and her keen eye and story writing really shines here.
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  • Thanks for the response but I think I understood that much from the show.
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