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Transit of Venus

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Has/Is anybody else going out to see it? I just saw it projected via telescope, it's pretty awesome. And by pretty awesome I mean it's basically a black dot crossing the Sun.
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  • It's been cloudy these past few nights. Also, I have teh illz. So I guess I'm just gonna have to hold out until 2117.

    And I Will.
  • I am watching a webcast of the happening on Mount Wilson. Awesome stuff.
  • Cloudy sky people and people in other time zones: Webcast!
  • Hey, neat! That's being shot from Griffith Park!
  • Didn't get to see it in person. Was satisfied to be able to see it for a bit on NASA livestream.
  • That black dot sure is moving!
  • Hey, neat! That's being shot from Griffith Park!
    Makes sense. World-famous observatory and all that.
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