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Forum Rules and Hints

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Forum Rules The Front Row Crew/GeekNights forums are a little different from other online communities, in that they will never be allowed to descend to the depths so common on "teh internets." The rules are simple:
  1. Be mindful of your grammar and spelling.
  2. Post intelligently
  3. Don't be annoying.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in warnings and an eventual banning.

Specific Guidelines:
  • If a thread already exists for a particular topic, post there rather than making a new thread.
  • Unless it is relevant to your argument, don't admonish other forum members about their grammar or spelling: our moderators will handle that.
  • Don't post unless you have something to contribute. Otherwise empty "QFT" posts are considered annoying (see above).
  • You have the ability to change your forum name and avatar at will. Do not abuse this power.
Our moderators can and will correct in red your errors in order to maintain the readability of the forums. There is a spell-checker available, as well as a "Preview Post" button: use them. Repeated violations of the third rule can result in banning via court martial. To date, three people have been banned. If you post intelligently and are an intelligent person, you will have no trouble here. We trust our members to conduct themselves reasonably, and thus don't feel the need to create an extensive code of conduct. It should be obvious to everyone what is and is not appropriate.

Note that if you respond to a spam post, and the spam post is later deleted by a moderator/administrator, your reply may also be deleted at our discretion.

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    Forum Hints

    These forums are a little different from your typical phpBB, and as such they might be a little confusing at first. Here are some hints to make your forum experience a more pleasant one.
    • Try selecting the "Categories" tab instead of "Discussions." This will give you a more traditional forum broken into distinct topics.
    • You can whisper (PM) within a public thread to have a topical yet private exchange.
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    Remember to check the HTML radio button below your post if you quote somebody or if you are using HTML in your post. Check the BBCode button if you have written your post using BBCode. If you are using HTML or BBCode you must remember to linkify all URLs manually. Remember to make use of the preview and spell check functions before making your post.

    Also, when quoting you should start your post directly after the blockquote.

    do this:
    Here is some stuff that Rym said.
    Here is what I have to say about what Rym said.

    don't do this:
    Here is some other stupid stuff Rym said.
    Here is what I have to say about what Rym said, but I put blank lines after his quote for no reason.
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  • New rule:

    Only moderators are responsible for enforcing the rules of the forum. If you are not a moderator, you should not take it upon yourself to inform other users of their forum-related transgressions.

    Most frequently this rule applies to correction of grammar and spelling. If someone has poor grammar and spelling, don't correct them, or warn them, publicly. A private message / whisper is fine, as rules do not apply to private communications. Let moderators take care of it and go about your business.
  • I've updated this to make it clear that I will, when prudent, delete responses to spam posts that have slipped through if they disrupt the flow of normal conversation.

    Pursuant to this, I am denying increasingly high levels of "applications" to the forum. If you are a human, and you were denied access, it was because I was unable to determine that you were actually sentient from your application.
  • Because of registration spam with no real solution, the forum is now invite only. I have all the invites. If you want to join the forum, just contact me through some other means and I will manually add you.
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