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Trouble playing mp4

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Grrrrr... I'm so frustrated. I've downloaded Tactical Roar eps 2-5, but Winamp, DivX, or Windows Media Player don't want to play the video. The files are in mp4 format, and I can't seem to find a codec that fixes the problem. Does anybody have a suggestion?


  • Mp4 isn't a file format: it's a container format. Any of a number of video codecs could have been used, and you're simply missing whichever one was.

    As for which one you're missing, I can't really help with that. I don't even really know what's popular these days.
  • For all you Windows users out there, the CCCP is what you want. It is the newest, shiniest and trendiest way to make sure you have every multimedia codec you need.
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    Uninstall whatever codecs you have and install the CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack), make sure your processor is at least over 1 GHz or the video will probably stutter and choke.

    edit: grr foiled :<
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  • Uhh, on the off-chance that you DON'T want to download the CCCP (which I know caused me problems until I uninstalled it...) you can try the VideoLan player (VLC.) Get it here. For me at least, it's been able to play any videos/anime/whatever that I download, without messing around to find codecs. It just works :D And it's available for Windows, Mac, and many flavors of Linux.
  • yah VLC will take care of 90% of your codec problems and CCCP will cover the rest of the rarer codecs.
  • VLC is playing it (I didn't know VLC had a Windows version, though I use it on my Mac). Thanks. Tactical Roar, here I come.
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