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Initial D

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New series announced!

All that is known now is it will be a Tv anime with more info on Aug 6.

Hell yes.
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  • Whelp, there goes my car insurance rates.
  • Whelp, there goes my car insurance rates.
    Meh, I own too many cars to have good rates anyway.
  • Now I wonder if this has anything to do with the Toyota 86. I will cry with joy if an 86/BRZ shows up in an episode...

    (BRZ owner here :-D)
  • I'd be surprised if it didn't. Still, You have to wonder if they'll update the cars. I mean, Initial D got A LOT of people into the drifting scene. If Takumi is driving anything other than the AE86 and Keisuke driving the RX-7 FD, there'll be some serious fire and brimstone from Initial D fans.
  • I can only hope this results in a resurgence of Super Eurobeat.
  • I is supposedly going to continue following the manga. I'm not sure what that will mean as far As competitor cars...but it probably means that the main characters and their cars will stay the same.
  • Making a Super Eurobeat mix for night drives in the M Coupe to ready my body.
  • I put on Yellow Line, while I was driving the van. Now I have to get new windows, they all exploded when I broke the sound barrier.
  • In that van? I believe it.
  • In that van? I believe it.
    It has it's downsides. Try changing eight sparks in an under-seat engine bay, with about a foot of breathing room around the whole thing. Pain in the arse.
  • Well, in the end of the original series he was driving a Impreza as well, so I guess it leaves it open to an upgrade perhaps?
  • Yeah, but he never raced with it.
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    Takumi has to use the 86, or else he will no longer be the apparent underdog.
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  • Well it started. Looks like it picks up right after the 4th stage.

  • YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    More of the same and found a nice summary of the first few eps.

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  • A movie called Final Stage is in production that will pick up where Fifth Stage left off and the final issue of the manga will be released in eight days.

    Initial D is ENDING, YOU GUYS.
  • *shrug* "All good things", I suppose.
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    *shrug* "All good things", I suppose.
    True; I'm more surprised than upset, though. It had a good, (very) long run.
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  • I'm not upset. It's just so weird and rare when series that run for this long actually end.
  • True facts. Speaking of, has Inuyasha ended yet?
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    According to Wikipedia, it ended in 2008.

    However, Hajime no Ippo will probably continue until the apocalypse. And Ippo still won't have had a rematch with Miyata.
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  • According to Wikipedia, it ended in 2008.
    Old shounen fighting shows don't end, they just fade away.
  • According to Wikipedia, it ended in 2008.
    Old shounen fighting shows don't end, they just fade away.
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