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Episode 49 - Conventions Part 3

edited January 2006 in Conventions
If you're all cool hanging out in the forums you'll be able to get this podcast a day early. Rym is going to Rochester so we recorded it all beforehand and uploaded it on Wednesday. But it wont be up on the RSS feed or the main site until the usual day, Thursday.

Click to download Thursday's podcast early!


  • Do you know of any good way to find conventions?
    I'm still going to be around Daytona when Con season starts, and I think I should finally try to go to a con for once. Aside from the advice on planning, how do I find conventions, when I'm not in a anime culture group.
  • Off the top of my head anipike is one plae.
  • Thanks, that had a couple of cons that will be in Orlando in the next few months. Anybody know of a similar site for gaming cons?
  • That is what I get for living in oklahoma. The closest thing we get to a Con around her is the rodeo....
  • Yeah, in that regard I guess I'm lucky to live close to Orlando, though it's been as far away as the moon for most of my time here.
  • We used to have con's all the time. My parents own a used-book store and we would have a tables at them all the time. I'm an old con pro. During the discussions of Con in the show, I spend most of my time nodding. :) I don't know why but they have all dried up.

    .....I miss them....{sob}
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