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I made a brief podcast about a Tiny Toons movie.

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I was inspired by Greg and JTVH's guest Geeknights to once more do a brief podcast. This time I did a very brief review of Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation. The file is about 14 and a half minutes long. I recorded it alone in my room with a Guitar Hero microphone I was holding up, so the quality is admittedly not fantastic, but I submit this to you all for criticism and commentary. Just think, once I've worked up my podcast skills, you can say you were there at the rough beginning before I sold out ;)


  • Tiny Toons is the cartoon where my sense of nostalgia for it reminds me that most of my childhood was in the '90s, not the '80s (born in '84). My heavy '80s influence is really just b/c I had a brother several years older, which gave me all his cast-off toys and plenty of time watching what he wanted to watch.

    I would love to see more Tiny Toons content.
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    I might do a followup episode, but I'm not sure I'll make Tiny Toons a regular component of my material. I'm a year younger than you though, so I know what you mean.
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