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Alright nerds, here's the deal:

I'm working on a special little project, and I need the appropriate words in Latin for the following ;

The arts or art or visual art
Generosity, the quality or act

It's harder than just an internet translator search, and I know fuck-all about Latin suffixes.


  • Fuckin' Latin. 5 years of it left me with useless amounts of knowledge that is severely inadequate. I don't think I can help off the top of my head. I may research and get back to you.
  • Are these just free floating decorative words, or are you writing sentences?
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    Why wouldn't a Latin dictionary work?
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  • Well, for example Learning is listed as both Erudito and Doctrina. But which is better? What about suffixes? Are there any I should for the decorative purpose?
  • If they're purely decorative, you don't have to worry about declensions (which are the suffixes). Those are used to recognize its function in a sentence. As for which is better, I'd go with "erudito" because its used to mean learning anything, where as "doctrina" is more about knowing facts, but its completely subjective.
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