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The Logistics of Art

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Totally need a new thread for this.

I'm doing sculpture for the first time in like, 15 years and I am quite enjoying it, but I have NO IDEA how to source the little bits and bobs that I've seen, would like to use, and don't have names for.

I need tightly coiled wire (like a spring, I guess) in the shape of a cylinder, bendable, ideally posable though this is not a hard requirement. It should be 4-5mm in diameter and looking at the "rectangular" aspect, the coils should be tight enough when relaxed not to let light through. The only reference I can come up with is the tails on those old Slinky dog toys that most of you probably only recognize from Toy Story.

Does anybody have any idea where a ready supply (or at least an internet supply) of that sort of thing might be?



    Found this and it's quite nice but I'd like to select specific parts. I guess for the price it's hard to complain...
  • hardware store, always the hardware store.
  • Sadly all of ours are gone and in their place are all these Home Depots and Lowe's box stores...
  • Need to find a lightbulb socket intended to be screwed flat to a plank or ceiling with screw terminals on either side (as opposed to connections on the side opposite the bulb as is typical). The only thing I can think of is for educational or lab use but Google is not my friend yet.
  • Aside from Google results, does anybody happen to know of a decent-to-really-good source of public domain music? I've found a few promising sites, but most comingle public domain stuff with a lot of stuff that really isn't, making things very confusing.

    I've been playing around with the FL studio demo, but the extent of my unpracticed skill seems to be making a bass line that doesn't sound like total ass. :-)
  • Yeah, there's this podcast I've heard of, Sounds of the Commons or something. I dunno, this guy runs it, he seems okay, has decent enough taste. Really good production quality though.
  • Thanks! I'll Google that when I get home.
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    Trying to figure out how to make a "toy" flywheel mechanism with a self-retracting cord. I think I'm gonna use a retractable dog leash for the cord part but what I need is a mechanism that will turn a wheel and then disengage and allow it to continue spinning under its own momentum as the cord retracts. I wish I was good at mechanical stuff.

    I'm thinking of some sort of spring loaded pulley mechanism that I can thread the cord through. Pulling the cord will cause a gear in the mechanism to interlock with a gear on the wheel and then when the cord is released it'll spring back out of the way. The actual physicality of such a thing is another story... :)

    It seems as though toy lawn mowers don't have flywheels anymore. I swear they all did when I was a kid. I was all set to cannibalize one, but no dice.
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  • Lots of neat info here, although I admit it makes me a little crosseyed:
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