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Xcom : Enemy Unknown

So the new Xcom us looking pretty cool. Here's a link to every interview with the brains behind the endeavor:


  • I'm debating getting it right away or waiting like I do with all good games that aren't expressly multiplayer. I paid $12 for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and even then I could, and probably should, have waited longer.
  • That said, this looks good.
  • I am having the same issue.
  • I played the demo, it was good. I bought the game, and since I didn't have Civ V, it was kind of win win for me.
  • The game is $5 off at GMG and they have a 25% off coupon, but the coupon explicitly applies to all PC games EXCEPT XCOM... wtf.
  • Oh look. There is DLC coming. Glad I didn't pay $50 for a game that doesn't include all the DLC. Hello Ultimate Edition in the 2013/2014 Steam sale.
  • Definitely glad I'm waiting to get the cheapo/full edition. From everything I hear, the game far surpassed expectations.
  • Definitely excited about XCOM games but I know it's gonna be cheap in another year just based on the genre. I can wait.
  • DLC is coming.

  • Yet another for me to get a decent gaming PC it seems.
  • I'm assuming it will run on my i3 laptop. If it doesn't then I'll just be disappointed.
  • I doubt I'll pick up the DLC. The core game is pretty fucking amazing, I don't really think I'll need to expand it very much. If the DLC offers more of the same, I won't buy it. If it offers different gameplay or whatever, I'll buy it.
  • I'm assuming it will run on my i3 laptop. If it doesn't then I'll just be disappointed.
    There's a demo out that you can try.

    Spoilers: My i5 was jerky playing it.
  • I feel like I usually have no interest in playing DLC for any game (except Dark Souls)
  • The only game where I truly was into nearly all of the DLC was Fallout 3, but even I couldn't finish Mothership Zeta (or the swamp/zombie one).

    I really wish Red Dead Redemption would have gotten some real DLC and not just that zombie bullshit it got.
  • I did play the Alaska sim thing which was disappointing, then i bought the one that increased the level cap and added new perks which was probably not worth it but it did extend my play.
  • The brotherhood of steel one that extended the story past the end of the main quest was the single best one. I liked the "epilogue" feel to it.
  • I haven't gotten any of the DLC to work on my copy (PS3, because my computer is as shite as being Scottish).
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    This past week I've been playing DLC for Saint's Row 3 that adds some animal cars to the game. There's a motorcycle shaped like a tiger, a pink sports car shaped like a cat with a big tail and claws for headlights, and most importantly, a big roley-poley APC shaped like a big round panda bear with a roof mounted machine gun and a bouncy tail that bobs up and down as you do 100MPH down the street gunning down pedestrians.

    It's hard to see from the usual view but if you rotate the camera you can see that the big manga-style eyes move back and forth when you steer.
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  • The DLC for New Vegas (especially the SCIENCE! one) were good.
  • I haven't gotten around to them yet, but I think I bought all of them already.
  • I haven't gotten around to them yet, but I think I bought all of them already.
    I've not played them either, but I'll get around to it.
  • Yea I was happy to get all of New Vegas for 20 bucks..:-p
  • Of the New Vegas DLC, only one (Honest Hearts) didn't feel worth it. The rest were great.
  • New Vegas disappointed me after FO3. It was hard to get over. I'd have forgiven the poor world building and environmental narrative/detail if they had properly fleshed out all the factions, but only NCR felt real and the rest tacked on.
  • I disagree. Caesar is a deep character, very interesting. He's totally fucked up and seems generic evil, but when you get down to it he's extremely charismatic and makes a rational argument for the evils the Legion commits. The Brotherhood also was better than FO3's "We're the good guys" Brotherhood of Steel. I didn't like House, but he was at least interesting.
  • It's all right I don't mind you being wrong. :-)
  • What I played of New Vegas was just as good as FO3, but due to hardware issues I was unable to get very far, so what do I know.
  • The game isn't as good as Fallout 3 but it's by no means bad.
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