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Green Lantern: TAS

edited October 2012 in Anime
So during this weekend I've watched the first 13 episode story arch of the new Green Lantern: The Animated Series cartoon. And seeing how I watched 13 episodes in few days it might not come as a surprise if I say I like what I've seen thus far.

For those who don't know and need details. Wikipedia. In short Green Lantern:TAS is CGI animated series, produced by Bruce Timm.

Few things I really like about the show is how it balances larger story arch with episodic stories and how it handles characters. The basic formula of the episodes revolve around the "problem of the week", heroes go to a place, usually planet for some reason, there they encounter problem, solve it, usually punching someone is involved and they continue on their way. The thing I like is how places, characters and elements that seem to be just one episode throwaway thing are brought up again later. For example early in the season main characters go a planet and solve some problems there. Later in the season new problems arose in that planet in direct relation of what happened in the earlier episode and whats going on in the big plot.
And characters while I think they are stereotypical, they are well handled.

So has anyone else here watched the show or am I alone in my watching of children's cartoons?


  • I've been distracted by Gravity Falls. There's only so many children's cartoons that a man has time to watch simultaneously.
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