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Official GeekNights CounterStrike: GO Server



  • I'm here by myself.
  • If you're banned, it's either a bug or because Steam has banned you from VAC servers or the like. I have no manual ban list.
  • Gah Luke I'm sorry man! I just saw, do you want to try a session tomorrow night or are you busy?
  • Maybe tomorrow will work better. For now I might just join another server.
  • I will join the server in a couple of minutes! ;^) If I miss you guys, we can try to plan a real time that works for people sometime over the next week or two.
  • Okay, I'll join you in 5.
  • Not sure that I can make it tonight. Would people be able to make it tomorrow at say 9/10ish UK time so that we could get more of the forum in? That or have a big session in the week, maybe Friday or Saturday.
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    I'd love to, but I just can't, I've got too much to take care of, unfortunately. Sorry guys.

    Edit - Oooor my schedule can just be suddenly cleared. Fair enough then, I'll be there in five.
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  • Okay! Good matches! I had to move out.

  • That was fun.
  • Indeed! Despite catching the tail end of things.
  • Yeah man, that was mad as.
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    Sorry to rain on your parade, Luke. Valve nerfed the deagle. Still a 1-shot headshot up close, not across the map any more though.

    Also, if Grover Bomb is in these forums, good game tonight. We need some more players though :/
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  • Yeah, I wondered why it wasn't working so great this week.

    It was fun playing 1+5 bots against Rym on Nuke, because the Bots aren't all complete morons there. But the same setup on Vert was just dumb. There's no way to stop all the terrorist bots just lining up to get mown down. Fighting from a lower ground to high ground is possible, but bots are very very bad at it.
  • Are people up for a game tonight? or would people rather go for next friday and try to fill the server? I got a headset finally so that should help.
  • I won't be about for the next two Fridays. Probably not tonight, as my girlfriend wants attention.
  • Buuuh attention gawd. Thats cool man.
  • Not sure if the GeekNights server is running any custom scripts, but my clan has made a really nice plugin that is on github. Maybe you could implement it?

    Whenever I boot up I look for people in the server, but there is never anyone there :(
  • Plugins make administration a thousand times more a pain in the ass, as they tend to break with updates and require maintenance.
  • I would like this entered into the record.

    My lifetime K:D ratio against Rym is infinity.

  • So its nearing that time of the week again. Are people up for some rounds this Friday/Saturday? I was thinking around the same time as last week as that got more people in. Any takers?
  • Crouching camper hidden sniper
    That's the wrong game.

  • Are people up for games then? I was thinking 10ish UK time on Friday/Saturday depending on what people are going with.
  • Yes! No promises with the storm headed my way, but I'll try to be on around then.
  • Cool so around 10ish UK time tonight if people are up for that.
  • 2 more hours. I'm in. If I forget, PM me on steam and I'll be a-joinin'.
  • Sounds cool Im testing out my mike so that should be fun...
  • Logging in now.
  • Well... that was short lived.
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