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Browncoats unite!

edited January 2006 in Everything Else
An independent publisher is gauging the market for a second season of Firefly. (If you don't know what it is, omgomg go buy it it's cheap on amazon and worth it holy shite etc.)

Anyway, I demand that you all fill out their survey at once! It will only take about a minute, and you can give them a bs e-mail address if you want. They just want a headcount and some other stuff.


  • This would be a neat thing. I did fill it out, but I'm not sure how official this thing is.
  • Er...sorry, but as much as I love Firefly my bullshit sense is tingling. I think mostly because the site says absolutely nothing about who these people are.

    WHOIS suggests, however, that the 'independant production company' mentioned is Brilliant Screen Entertainment. ( Does that mean anything to anyone here?
  • i Aggree does see like bullshit, however the guy did defend himself in one of the serenity boards.. so it shouldn't hurt to fill out the survey and see if he can't get something going. He's trying to produce the eposides himself (with Joss whedon and the orginal cast) so who knows.
  • More Firefly would only make the world a better place.
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