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Which Country is the Best Country?



  • My fiance and I would also have to get rid of like half our stuff to fit in a two bedroom, too.
    If you move to NYC, you need to get rid of most of your stuff. That's how it works.
    TIL moving to NYC is like dying: you can't take it with you, but you're going to a better place.
  • Earth should be country, Earth would be best country.
    I think global government is unfeasible and problematic. First you have the problem where if the one government goes corrupt, everybody's fucked. By having separate governments, we introduce consequences for fucking up (i.e. if there's a Hitler or a Pol Pot in the world, there's other people with the power to stop them).

    The scope of the damn thing would be too great as well, assuming we don't want a dictatorship or monarchy. Democracy doesn't work well on too large scales. The government gets brought to the middle by swing voters, leaving the yellow-dog voters and the radicals (also known as %80 of the population) from being governed as they want.

    World government is cute and idealist, but in practice everyone would just be pissed at each other.
    We don't often mention government directly when we talk about which country is best. I'm not suggesting that Earth should have one government. I'm trying to convey the sentiment that no matter how much we like to define ourselves by property lines we, more than ever, should treat humaniy as a global community.
  • Put this in the "Not America" column

  • Guess who has one of the crappiest education systems, Portugal, FYI.
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    Put this in the "Not America" column
    Except, it's more to do with paying teachers like teachers(they don't make money anything like what doctors are paid) and the vastly different schooling system which involves far more than just a lack of standardized testing and an hour of recess - if you think THAT is what makes a comprehensive and effective schooling system, you're a fucking mentalist.

    Portugal did decriminalize all drugs, but they have a massive problem with both drugs and organized crime participating in the drug trade, one of the highest HIV rates in Europe, some of the worst drug addiction rates even after such a big drop. Also, pretty much every expert agrees - it wasn't about decriminalizing all drugs, it was about their massive awareness, treatment and medical care programs that they kicked off around the same time.

    Iceland only imprisoned a few bankers who were very clearly complicit in criminal activities, and it didn't have anything to do with their recovery from the global recession, which is going slowly at best. Hey, guess what? You throw the bankers in jail rather than bailing them out, suprise suprise, your economy is still in the shitter because the damage is done, and jailing people isn't actually going to help that recovery, and thinking it will help is nothing more than a childish revenge fantasy. Also, Iceland has a smaller population than Pittsburgh, so it's not really that good of an example either way.

    Also, I guarantee you that Portugal and Iceland's presidents never said any such things.

    This isn't "How America can improve by looking at other countries", this is "Look at this barely researched image that tells you how America is a big old poopy head and everyone else is so much better." It's made for the sort of people who sit back and talk shit about everything America does, because it's trendy to hate on America. You want solutions? Political activism? Anything fucking useful? Guess what, you're shit outta luck.
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