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I Need Help From a German-Literate Forumite

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So I'm researching medieval and older malting techniques, and I think I just found a paper that may kill my latest hypothesis. Thing is, the citation is in German, and I have no idea what the fuck I'm looking for.

The citation:

Stika H-P, Zach B, Melisch CM (2010) Frühmittelalterliches Gerstenmalz aus Cölln, Berlin-Mitte. In: Menghin (ed.) Ausgrabungen in Cölln, Archäologie auf der Fischerinsel in Berlin-Mitte, Berliner Beiträge zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Neue Folge (in press)

Any takers?


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    So you want a translation of the name of the paper?

    Stika H-P, Zach B, Melisch CM (2010) Early medieval barley malt from Cölln, Berlin-Mitte. In Menghin (ed.) Excavations in Cölln, Archeology on Fisherinsel in Berlin-Mitte, Berliner contributions to pre- and early history, New Edition [literally: new Episode] (in press).

    Please note that Cölln, Fischerinsel and Berlin-Mitte are proper names, though the last two could be translated to "Fisher Island" and "central Berlin" respectively.
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    Berlin Mitte is actually a district of Berlin. In Berlin we actually have three or four "central" bits. Cölln and Berlin were the two islands in the Spree which became Berlin the city. The Berlin island was filled in. The fisher island is still there, as us Museum Island.

    Edit for clarification.

    There are two islands now, but they weren't the two islands of the original two towns. What is now Museum Island was Cölln Island, and water around Berlin Island was filled in, with that area now Alexander Platz. Roughly.

    Fisher Island is a third island.
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  • I think I figured out what the fuck that citation is pointing at. Seems to be an archaeology journal published annually - and the edition with this paper isn't out yet. Probably didn't get it in before the 2011 cutoff.

    Thanks guys!
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