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Project of your day

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Hey everybody,

This post is self-serving in that I wanted to show you all the game I have been working on: but I also wanted to see what your labor of love and/or remuneration is. What do you work on every day that you enjoy, be it a hobby or a job. A lot of geeks end up working in a field that they love, or doing things in their free time to take their mind off work. What do you do?
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  • My lovely wife supports me while I take care of our 15 month old twins, and work on the above game, two projects which I am deeply invested in. It makes being unemployed and penniless an incredible joy.
  • <--- now people can just click on it
  • That looks pretty awesome! I'm a sucker for puzzle platformers so this looks right up my alley.
  • my friend Jake who designs the levels is a mechanical engineer, so he has a particular mind for putting the blocks together in devious ways.
  • We just hit 50% funding after just a week! I'm so excited!
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