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Let's trade games!

So, I have some extra product keys for Steam, Guns of Icarus Online specifically.

Anyone want to trade a code for a code for a different game?


  • I can trade you Guns of Icarus for Guns of Icarus. I also have wood for sheep.

    On a serious note I might have some physical game floating around that I want to get rid of.
  • Hah I have two copies of the original Ecco the Dolphin for Genesis...
  • I have some Dota keys...
  • I have some Dota keys...
    As does everyone else in the world.

  • I actually don't have any DOTA keys. Note: This is not an invitation to be given DOTA keys or copies of DOTA. I don't want DOTA.
  • Um, I have extra keys for Crayon Physics Deluxe, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, and Cogs. I don't have any DOTA keys either, but somehow I already have it in my library despite never buying it and I don't remember getting it as a gift either.
  • I have a bunch of dota keys that I'll give away for free, because whatevs, it's going to be free to play soon enough anyway. I also have a copy of Serious Sam 3: BFE just kicking around, it was bought as a present, but someone else beat me to the punch, so I just made them a new steering wheel instead.
  • I actually don't have any DOTA keys. Note: This is not an invitation to be given DOTA keys or copies of DOTA. I don't want DOTA.
    What about Dota 2? And if you're gonna capitalize more than just the D, keep it at DotA. "Defense Of The Ancients" is silly.

    I have an extra copy of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Blocks That Matter, as well as over a dozen Dota 2 keys. That fucking drinking bird...
  • I've got a massive stack of Indie Bundle keys I would be happy to trade. I'll make a list when I get home.
  • Okay, anyone who wants to trade, I have the following keys available:

    1) Wizorb, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, and Jamestown
    2) Cave Story+
    3) Gish

    In addition, I have Humble Bundle executable for something like the last six bundles.
  • You cannot regift Wizorb.
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    You cannot regift Wizorb.
    This is a Wizorb that came with an Indie Bundle I promptly forgot about, which is why that key gets you four games. I already redeemed the copy you gifted me.
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    Oh, carry on then.

    But do pick up that can, citizen.
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  • Anyone interested in Anomaly Warzone Earth, Nightsky (x2), Waking Mars, Crayon Physics Deluxe, or Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP?
  • I have these.

    I want these.
  • I have a bunch of old HB games I'm willing to trade, with the ultimate goal of getting Starbound, however any trade would be awesome.

    Guardians of Middle-earth
    Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug's Treasure DLC
    Gotham city impostors: Professional Kit
    Batman: Arkham Origins DLC
    Mortal Kombat Kollection
    LotR Online: Steely Dawn Starter Pack
    Strike Suit Zero
    FTL: Faster Than Light
    Waking Mars

    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (origin)
    Populous (Origin)

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