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MIT Media Lab's Free Online Course That'll Teach You How to Learn Anything.

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Quote Lifehacker:
Whether you need to learn a new skill or language to advance your career, or you just want to learn something new and broaden your horizons, lifelong learning is important. Still, picking up new things can be difficult, and the free Learning Creative Learning course from the MIT Media Lab aims to teach you techniques to easily pick up something new whenever you want to.
The course starts on February 11th, but you should up for the class now—sign-ups close on Friday the 8th. To get started, just hit the link below. Mitch Resnick, Director of Lifelong Kindergarten and the LEGO Papert Professor at the MIT Media Lab, is teaching the course. The class will be centered on picking up techniques that make learning new skills and keeping them for the long haul easier. Each week you'll focus on different types of learning and different types of skills, from learning on the internet, tinkering and learning from doing things yourself, and generating your own great ideas.

Best of all, the class will be easy to keep up with: the MIT Media Lab will use off-the-shelf Google technologies to power the course, including hangouts and communities at Google+, and sharing assignments and projects at Github. You can read more about the class and see the week-to-week course outline at the link below.

Now, signups close on Friday and the course starts on Monday. I'm starting a team using invite code 11244. Anyone else wanna do this with me?


  • This looks awesome, I'm down.
  • I am tempted in hopping in if we get a crew to go in, anyone else in?
  • I'll have a go at it.
  • I'd be all over this if I wasn't already taking 5 other classes.
  • I'd be all over this if I wasn't already taking 6 other classes.
  • I'd be all over this if I wasn't already taking 5 other classes.
  • I'd be all over this if I wasn't going to become a father in the next 4 weeks.
  • This is one of those things I'd be all over if I could get it to be GMT compatible...
  • Okay, I'm in.
  • I'm signed up, just waiting for the confirmation email.

    The thing that kept me in was the ability to watch videos after the fact, being an insomniac and all...
  • So somehow our team includes most of Brisbane.
  • I never got the confirmation email. They set up an FAQ asking to send them an email if that occurred, which I did.

    The email triggered an autoreply asking me to fill out a form. The form said they may not be able to get me in to the proper team. This blows but I hope they can fix it for me!
  • Same thing happened to me, never got a confirmation e-mail. I just let them know.
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    I was too late for this. T_T < over dramatic >I'll be dumb foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr< / over dramatic>
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  • I'm finally catching up with this, watching the lectures starting with the first week. The Google Community is quite busy; who has been keeping up with the course more diligently than me?
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    So somehow our team includes most of Brisbane.
    California, or best Brisbane?

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  • Damn, I missed it. Bookmarked for the next seminar.
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