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Better start making some Windows 8 apps


  • I sense a glut of apps that in the Windows App Store future in one of two categories.

    1) Apps that are completely useless
    2) Apps that might interesting, or useful, if they actually worked, but don't, and never get updated because the developer is in middle/high school and got their $100

    I wonder what the odds are any actual useful apps come out of this?
  • Yeah um... do I actually need to pay for a developers kit or have a windows 8 computer to do any of this? Because if there's no investment cost, I can build 10 vaguely functional shit apps in a day or two.
  • 3) Crappy clones.
  • Shitty dice roller with almost no functionality besides selecting which size dice and /random.
  • My plan is to make 10 fart apps, each with a slightly different fart noise
  • My plan is to make 10 fart apps, each with a slightly different fart noise
    I have a mic. I can provide you with effectively limitless fart sounds.
  • I tried out the new Visual Studio very briefly, and I have to say it doesn't suck (or at least sucks a lot less than Eclipse and Xcode). It's not worth my time to learn how to do this for $100, though.
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    I'm actually pretty familiar with how to make windows stuff with wpf and silverlight already. I've used c# at my last couple jobs as the main language. I've made a couple wp7 apps already despite not ever having one. I assume windows 8 is very similar.
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  • Every time I see windows 8 i can't fathom how it is easy to use, and all my memories of Win ME come flooding back. I'm very unimpressed.
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