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Goals -- Daily, Weekly, Lifelong

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It seems like I have the hardest time keeping up with things at times. I have a pile of manga and comics to go through, a long queue of anime, and a shelf of video games. That doesn't even count the more "vital" aspects of life -- fixing our roof, improving the house, keeping up a rigorous cleaning schedule. Doesn't it seem like time flies away faster than you can appreciate it?
What kind of goals do you guys have? I sat in bed last night scribbling a simple action plan for things I wanted to do this week -- plan out at least one drawing piece to work on, flesh out a new novel concept... Find clothes that aren't scrubs or nerd T-shirts for my job interview on Wednesday.
Further on, what are things you want to do? Do you guys put a lot of thought into it? I keep telling myself I will study Japanese but I barely push my nose into that book while juggling my graduate studies as well.


  • Here are a few long-term goals of mine:

    1.) Learn to speak Korean instead of settling for reading and writing Hangul.
    2.) Start a podcast and keep it going.
    3.) Start that Pokémon project I've been planning for years.
    4.) Write a short story.

    As far as short-term goals go, I really only want to get more sleep at this point in my life.

    And yes, I do put a lot of thought into these goals. There are times when I'll wake up in the middle of the night consumed by the thought of accomplishing the above and more. But the more I get involved in my job, the less time it seems that I have for anything else. I hope that when I get more into the swing of things at work, I'll have more time to devote to these specific projects.
  • Short term goals: get paid, cut my hair, and do laundry before PAX.

    Medium term goals: work on and release some apps, get better at keeping a regular schedule when working from home, make some arma 3 missions.

    Long term goals: excercise more, ride my bike instead of taking the subway, get more clients and save some money.
  • Daily: Write the two portions of the English papers I have to write by tomorrow/Wednesday

    Weekly: go to PAX

    Lifelong: Kick ass, take names, be a bad enough dude to save the president.

    I'm trying to keep myself away from specific lifelong goals, but I do know that I want to go on tour with a band, whether I'm performing or managing or cooking or whatever at least once in my life.
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    I would realy like to try living in America some day. In a city.

    I'd like to become capable of scuba diving relatively independently maybe this summer. If this isn't the long winter.

    I'd like to visit australia in the next few months.

    I'd like a family, and to have kids.

    I'd like to live in a nice house in a decent part of a city. Maybe here in England, in the south somewhere.
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  • Short term: Eventually sleep some
    Long term: Get rich. When I say "rich" I mean being able to afford food and rent.
  • I'd like to visit Tokyo someday, as well as NYC. Unfortunately my husband and I don't have a lot of expendable income what with my extra schooling and routine bills, but hopefully that will change over the next few months to a few years.

    Ahhh, PAX. That should be on my goal list as well.
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    Short Term: Drama and PAX prep and Work and D&D tonight.
    Mid Term: Finish campaign, save money, buy car, more work on indie-RPG.
    Long Term: Better job/career, relationships, move elsewhere, write more, improve health/fitness, develop skills, test hypothesis of various sorts, build a house, tower, keep, castle, flying island fortress, flying Continent, and control the world.
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  • Short term: Eventually sleep some
    Long term: Get rich. When I say "rich" I mean being able to afford food and rent.
    Why aren't I included in the long term goals? =(
  • Short term: Finish project at work that is sucking the lifeblood out of our company, get business side of band fully functioning so we can sell online, stop being sick.
    Mid term: Write a couple short stories, record second album with band, save up money for UK trip next spring, move into bigger apartment, get rid of remaining credit card debt.
    Long term: Be wealthy enough that I only have to work when I want to, on things that I want to work on, and travel as much as I please.
  • Short Term: Survive through this week, have a 7 Page Proposal due Wednesday.
    Mid Term: Graduate and find way to earn money once I've graduated. Write novel, finish certain games, catch up with friends. Save money for Austin conventions/house/food in July.
    Long Term: Go to Greece, meet incredible girlfriend. Hopefully, establish an already beautiful relationship into something eternal. Get comfortable, sustaining job. Move to big, comfortable city. (New York or Austin are two biggest competitors!)
  • Short term: Finish the paper due Monday early enough that it doesn't interfere with PAX. Also make sure everything at work is all set for my absence Friday.
    Medium term: Complete the MS I'm working on. Consider doing another one after it, so long as I'm still working at a university with tuition remission.
    Long term: Retire someplace warm, OR retire someplace where I can raise alpaca (these may be mutually exclusive . . . I need to learn more about alpaca farming) OR retire to Paris, where I could live happily even without alpacas.
  • This Week: Get an apartment. Line up my apprenticeship and a side job. Find my apartment (this one goes down tomorrow, I think).

    Next Three Months: Get the Festool equipment I want and set up a shop in my apartment. Build all my furniture. Sell five rolls of photos and at least three pieces of furniture. Make enough money to pay my own rent and cell bill, and push the rest into investments. Figure out what I want to study for my PhD. Find a groovy girl and hang out with her on the regular.

    After That: Start a woodshop. Go back to school for my PhD. Start a small biotech thinktank and teach. Invest more. Have fun with the people around me. Live frugally and shove every spare penny into savings to build the house I want.

    Way Later: Build the house. Build a houseboat. Make some little people with a groovy girl.

    General Goals: Die filled with passion and love and Pop Tarts. Do what makes me (and mine) happy everyday. Always be learning a new skill, and teach them to other people. Never stop moving and growing.
  • I have my goals for the next year or so all written out on a piece of paper that I have tacked next to my lightswitch to ensure that I see them and are working towards them every day. Most of them have to do with all the music I'm doing: scoring Moon Quest, Pillows cover for the next ULTRANIMBUS zine, Tumbling Through physical release, Zoom Lens mixtape in June, and my next Cyclops Rock EP which might turn into my senior project and want to have out before Frequency 3.0. Medium-term goals are to tour up the coast and partcipate in a gamejam doing music and sound design.

    Long-term goals are a little too big and complex for me to wholly articulate here, but my short and medium goals all contribute to them.
  • One goal.

  • Make cool things forever.
  • Make cool things forever.
    Fuck yes.

  • You... will... fail...

    but thanks for trying!
  • Make cool things forever.
    Fuck yes.

  • Oh, I guess my goal for the next year is to have reason to and ability to get a booth at Pax East 2014.
  • My goal today is to make it all the way to work ... and then make it all the way back home ... without getting bored and driving aimlessly into the countryside again.
  • My short goals are getting my degree, getting a tee shirt printed at Threadless, getting more readers/viewers and more freelance work.

    Long term goals? Living in a new city and having a career as a designer.
  • Short term; Finish my dissertation and finish of my hand built book shelf.

    Medium term; Go on my year long jaunt with my girlfriend and chums. Design and build my floor to ceiling book case and wardrobe for Kriz. Also get some welding in, so I can renact scrap heap challenge in my garden. Finish my first book so I can at least take it off the bucket list.

    Long term; Become a qualified carpenter and leather worker, maybe open my own company. Go back and get my MA and PHD on experimental archeology. Essentially recreate Edoras.
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