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Gender Through Comic Books Course

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Anyone else seen this?

I've tentatively enrolled because the topic interests me a lot, and I've been looking for an excuse to read a lot of what's on the syllabus anyway. At the very least, if I decide to not take it, I'll probably still read along with the pace of the class. Thought it might be cool to start a thread here in case anyone else is either enrolling or thinking of reading the material as well. I can has FRCF discussion group timez?
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  • I heard about this on Tumblr. I'm interested, but not sure about how much time I could devote to it.
  • A'ight, followin' through time! I started reading the Terry Moore stuff assigned for the first week today. Started with issue #1 of Rachel Rising....... and continued right on through two more whole volumes of it at work. Very engaging stuff, and I can see where the gender angle comes in for sure, beyond it just having a bunch of good female characters. Lots of cool stuff to do with perceptions of women, the demonizing/abuse of women, and men who project their own beliefs onto women without asking those women how they really feel about it. The whole "rising from the grave while still having the marks of death and technically being dead inside" thing can be read as a very chilling metaphor for survivors of sexual assault and rape.

    Beyond what it says about gender, though, it's just a really neat horror comic and I reeeaally want to see where it goes beyond where I left off today. Damn it, Comixology - this is how you get me.

    Just started on Strangers in Paradise volume 1, but haven't finished yet. Also seems very good, though it has a different tone, for the most part. I'm enjoying it about as much as Rachel Rising, if maybe just a little bit less because I tend to like horror stories better overall.
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