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GeekNights Tuesday - Ground Floor and some PAX

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Tonight on GeekNights, we triumphantly return from PAX East 2013! Or, at least one of us does. Rym was laid low with a serious flu post-PAX from which he is still recovering, and you'll hear his various coughing fits reconstructed for you in glorious mp3 form! We talk a bit about Shovel Knight, Ducktales Remastered, Scott's enjoyment of X-Com now that he's playing it, PAX East, and our extremely disheartening experience with Ground Floor. It feels like it should be a good game, but nonintuitive mechanics in key areas obfuscate its surprisingly light core, and more importantly, it takes far to long to play for what it is.

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  • Seriously, Ground Floor is interminable. Both Scott and I would be hard-pressed to ever consider playing it again.

    That's a far cry from my "I'll buy it tomorrow" after my first play...
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    Bring it to Prime and I'll play; I have not been disillusioned yet.
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  • Bring it to Prime and I'll play; I have not been disillusioned yet.
    Better set aside some time, like half a day or so.

    I think I might dedicate PAX Prime 2013 to tabletop RPGs.
  • I think 4 player is ideal than 6 player.
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    Listening to the episode now; the only recent game I've played where ties are broken in reverse is the turn order in Castles of Burgundy. I like Burgundy with fewer people, which is the vibe I'm getting about Ground Floor, especially if adding people just makes it longer.
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  • I think 4 player is ideal than 6 player.
    True, it would go faster with fewer players, but perhaps not fast enough.
  • Haven't listened to the Ground Floor half of the episode yet (nor have I played it), but as for the PAX portion of the show: I don't think PAX needs to worry too too much about better serving those who think PAX is only the expo hall. Yes, you need to put some effort into figuring out what PAX is, but if you have even a single drop of curiosity in your body, you will learn all there is to learn. I am perfectly fine with my PAX experience being subsidized by those who choose not to go learn more about the event they are in.

    As for the Omegathon finale, Ro asked me for prank ideas as well, and I thought of one that would be entertaining, and a true test of skill: typing. You've got Mario Teaches Typing, Typing of the Dead, etc., or you could go super old school and bust out educational software such as Mavis Beacon, or maybe not just typing, break out the Math Blasters.

    I immediately thought "why didn't they just secretly test Space Team during the concerts to see if it would work?" so I'm shocked to hear that they DID and suddenly had problems. Maybe they didn't factor in that everyone effectively had two wireless devices: phone and DS?
  • A note to Rym: Those who Fight is an awesome band, the problem is that the main stage sound guy has been and always will be shit. I have their LP and they do an amazing live show, although the story is not as completed as the Protomen at this point, they are still a really good band.

    I advise checking out if they are in your area....just not PAX main stage.
  • I think 4 player is ideal than 6 player.
    I think the problem was we tried to teach the game to too many people in one go. The order of how things go when the round ends is very particular, and too many people had no idea what the fuck was going on. The first 3 rounds Ro, Jeremy, Dan, and I played was very confusing for Dan and I. Then it all sort of clicked and resolving the round speed up a lot.
  • The turn order and stacking tie-breaking is definitely a problem that a few games have been jumping on, and I reached the same conclusions before they were eventually covered in the episode: sounds like VivaJava, would rather play Power Grid. This sort of problem could be overcome by having an experienced player run the game, and will work itself out with time, but I have definite concerns w/ the opinion that that late-game decisions become trivial.

    I backed this on Kickstarter w/o having played it or thoroughly read the rules b/c you got it and Skyline for $60 total, and Ground Floor did look awesome on paper. Not gonna run out and sell Ground Floor or something. Will be trying it out with my own groups at some point to see if I come to the same conclusions.
  • The reason why "You have 10 minutes left... in 20 minutes. You have 30 minutes!" joke works so well is because it is a joke about the same subject that makes a good joke a joke.

    To be clearer: a joke is where you set up an expectation and then break that expectation. In doing so you release tension in the audience. When tension is released, the audience laughs.

    This joke works so well because it is a joke about setting expectations, building tension, and then releasing the audience from that tension. It's almost impossible for the joke not to work. The very purpose of the joke is to release tension! It could be used as a textbook example of joke construction.

    I know I've laughed out loud every single time so far... which is about four times per episode.
  • I also think it continues to be funny b/c to some extent, the tension of the challenge makes you put yourself in the shoes of the competitors, who are having the time joke hit them for the first time if this is their first elimination challenge. It makes the joke fresh even though it really isn't.
  • Was the omeganaut from Rochester still in it?
  • Yes. I believe so.
  • Scott Rubin: Pre shift eland. Txt me the omega game. 2:14 PM
    Me: Final countdown 5:33 PM
    Me: !!! Ricochet 5:35 PM
    Me: Team ricochet 5:35 PM
    Me: Fucks! 5:35 PM
    Me: Triple shot is dominating! 5:48 PM
    Me: No headshots yet 5:48 PM
    Me: I don't think they know they can 5:48 PM
    Scott Rubin: Chainsaw is needed. 5:49 PM
    Scott Rubin: Triple shot dominates because luck not aim. 5:49 PM
    Scott Rubin: Enforcing until 8 captain space team. 7:37 PM
  • I knew well before then. I did not text at that time since I was enforcing. I texted later to let you know when I was going to be done, and added that in there.
  • Finished listening to the episode. I can not disagree with what Rym and Scott have stated. Even the four player games I had with Dan & George, we messed up on the popularity and hiring of employees. I'm going to keep playing this game and keep it at a 4 player maximum.

    I'll also be checking for any clarifications on that damn popularity stuff. It is very frustrating on how counter intuitive is it and how popularity can help you on some places, but if you place last in the factory, you may get a better chance during retail phase if there is a Recession/Depression.

    I'm honestly thinking of sending a link to this episode to the creator to see if he can chime in with answers to your complaints.

    Also, Scott kept believing us for at least 10 minutes.

    Go Team Ro & Rym!
  • oh, btw, Kobold Theater 4 Life.
  • I laughed pretty hard at the "Is that Homestuck?" story. I was on my bike at the time. I almost died.
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    Anyone who went have any picture albums from PAX?
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