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GeekNights Wednesday - MoCCA Fest 2013

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Tonight on GeekNights, we relate our experience at MoCCa Art Fest 2013. We bought less than usual, there were some changes now that it's under the umbrella of the Society of Illustrators, but it was mostly the same old MoCCa we know and love. In the news, the Internet Rage Machine saw a full and complete cycle around the Saga #12 "banning" from the Apple app store, which raises the related question of why Apple treats apps as second class citizens (to movies and books) when it comes to free speech, curation, and censorship. Rym and Emily saw Up On Poppy Hill - Goro Miyazaki's latest movie - and it is frankly excellent. Also, itchy beards.

From MoCCa, check out Pencil Pup, Nurse Nurse, Bunny Mom, Strong Female Protagonist, Khutulun the Wrestler Princess, and some Lemongrab. From GeekNights, check out GeekNights Presents Utena!

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    This was my first time going to a MoCCA Fest. Been meaning to go for years, but it always loses out in favor of something else. Had a really good time, and will definitely go back.

    Also had the experience of not buying nearly as much as I expected to, though, probably b/c we went heavy on the comics when buying Christmas presents this year. There is a big stack still unread at home: Octopus Pie, Drinking at the Movies, Box Office Poison, etc. Also, we bailed partway through our second lap b/c everyone was starving and there were plans to go to The Meatball Shop (now I'm hungry).

    Wound up buying a lot of things that will be future gifts for people we know. Also, found many good unique kids books for the wee one. Johnny Boo and Sylvia's Spinach the most notable.

    Had a sick day last week and was too out of it to concentrate on anything serious, so I watched most of Adventure Time season 1. That show is fucking brilliant.
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  • I watched the things if the day videos before listening to the podcast. Holy shit, that Worthless video is just horrific! If the crushed cars had said something after being crushed, like a bit of them still lived on, it might be bearable... But nope! Dead. All of them.

    Also I didn't know about the toaster movie until watching these clips, but Juliane did.
  • The first car wasn't the worst, as he seemed ready for his end. "One more dusty road
    would be just a road too long..."

    But then the next car is struggling to keep get started, one of them panicking, and one of them is obviously trying to get it over more quickly. It's a montage of horror.
  • Oh man, I remember that song... It definitely feels different then it did when I was 7....
  • Watched "From Up On Poppy Hill" just now. It was really good, if a little bit melodramatic. Definitely recommended.
  • Just catching up on some of the podcasts I didn't listen to yet and holy man, that dream sequence from Brave Little Toaster is embedded in my memory as the definition of "traumatizing shit from movies you see as a kid". Like, that's the scene I imagine whenever someone brings up that concept. Sometimes it gets swapped out with the Hell sequences from All Dogs Go to Heaven, the sphinxes and Gmork from Neverending Story, and a random dream sequence from Tale Spin about Baloo being turned into a robot, but it's usually that one. Glad to hear Rym vindicate my lifelong fear and awe of that scene.

    And also glad to be re-traumatized. Thanks.

    Surprisingly, the "Worthless" song didn't bother me as much as a kid, probably because I didn't really grock all the lyrics when I was that young. Also because (and I remember thinking this) I didn't understand why the movie was focusing on a whole bunch of characters that hadn't been in the movie up to that point and weren't actually interacting with the main cast. I was too invested in watching for the established characters to worry as much about all the cars I didn't know. That is a really interesting mindset to me in hindsight, and I wonder what that says about young me.
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