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Random Hugs



  • If a stranger came up and hugged me without warning I'd probably hit them without thinking about it. Most other hugs are super cool.
    That seems kind of extreme.
    Probably, but like Creamsteak said, it's just a reaction.

  • Hugging is very weird for me, my family has always been standoffish on public shows of affection. It wasn't till late High School, early college for me to get comfortable with hugging people outside of relationships and family. Though damn it, Aunts and grandmothers, I don't want to be kissed on the cheek :-p Usually these days I won't start a hug but freely accept it. Of course that also leads to moments that are weird where you think a hug is coming and it doesn't and all that.
  • I don't initiate hugs with people most of the time, because I don't want to accidentally give an unwanted hug.

    That said, hugs are awesome.
  • When I was growing up in New England, it was always handshakes unless you were family or very good friends. Here (Los Angeles), it took me, like, a solid year to get over the fact that everybody wants to fucking hug and to not be noticeably stiff when doing so. I'm still kinda ehhh on hugging people I've just met, but at least I don't turn into Plank.

  • I don't really consider myself a huggy person, but I do have certain people that I'm fine with hugging.
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