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Anyone else using

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So far ... It's basically Twitter only you can see everything everyone says. I kind of like it ... I just had a nice argument about Coffee there. Anyway, is anybody else using it?


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    Yep! I'm @keats on ADN. I really like what the dev is doing, making it more as a back-end service than just a Twitter clone. Have you tried any of the file synching functionality yet?
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  • @tr

    not used it much lately
  • I have an account, but I mostly just post about how there's nobody to talk to. For now, anyway.
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    There are a lot of people on it now, it's worth checking it out a second time. It's like Twitter sort of ... but better, in every way.

    By the way, I'm @caseyjparker there. Not hard to figure that out.
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