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GeekNights Tuesday - Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

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Tonight on GeekNights, having waited since 2010 for this, we finally are able to review the fantastic Monaco. TL;DL: It's an unqualified "must buy." Recall that we interviewed Andy Schatz on the subject once. Also, Counter-Strike: GO gets an update, bringing back a classic map and a widely misunderstood Operation Payback, and Papers Please looks extremely promising.

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  • Those Soviet posters are pretty cool. The USSR flourished in creativity before Socialist Realism became the norm.
  • My friend had played Papers, Please a while ago and thought someone would approach him about smuggling people for money on the side. I had suggested as a feature before playing on the developer's devlog but then played it pretty much immediately after. There is certainly a point where it looks like he was in the process of developing this as a feature. Seems like a perfect opportunity to add in some very subtle ethical quandaries.

    Also give this a listen
  • Every time I read the title of this podcast I can't help but think of Repoman's catchphrase #wrestling
  • I played a bit of Papers, Please the other day and had one guy try to bribe me with money. Lots of people gave me flyers to a strip club, though.
  • Ok. I have been convinced. Now, I'm trying to get Jason and Kevin to get this game so we can play tonight after we record ATW9K.
  • Papers, Please was my Thing of the day some time ago, so I totally approve it being featured in this episode.
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    If you think you need to be awesome sneaky then watch some of the fast karate highlights one of the forum members recorded. It's basically absolute chaos.
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  • So there's a map editor now.
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