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Abundance - should I be worried?



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    I will say that the dishwashing soap is very effective as a windshield anti-fogging solution.
    Yeah, and L.O.C. (if that's what it's still called. Haven't looked at the website in a while) is great for removing brake dust.
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    Game as lure into a scam... damn, that's a fine fine trap. Everyone who has ever picked up a tycoon game has had a split second thought "man, I wish running a theme park/hospital/prison/game dev studio was this easy - I'd be loaded!" Now imagine someone casually mentioned "It most certainly is this easy" in your moment of weakness and confuzzled the bennies out of you with fast talk about spirituality and cooperation.

    Also, Eryn, maybe I've been playing too much Fallout lately, but I think I know the high-charisma solution to this problem. If I were you, I gather every sensible, smart gamer I know to come with me to the meeting and warn them beforehand about the scam. Go there, set up some quality gamin', and get everyone who shows up to play something fun instead of "spiritually enriching". Do this for two meetings, hold your own gaming meeting without Abundance, eventually become the de facto gaming guy in the co-op space. Then, cast out the snake oil salesmen.

    The only risk I can think of is drawing attention to the meeting by adding attendees. But, hey, if nothing else, you did some gaming for a cause, and that's pretty cool.

    EDIT: In retrospect, sounds like these events are better attended than I originally thought. This strategy might not work unless you can get twice as many people in your posse.
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    Hahahaha, that and the game nights they run in the common space are open only to either people the event runner invites, or people specifically from this neighbourhood. Sadly, so far I don't know any hardcore board gamers in this area, and as much as I wish I had that much charisma, I do not have the charisma needed to pull that off.
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  • Wow. Over $100 for a roll-and-move board game. I'd rather get a massive GMT game.
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