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Eurovision 2013

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Live Web stream for the finals for us non-Europeans will be right here:

(It starts in 12 minutes, at 3pm Eastern US time)
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  • I don't feel a need to watch it live. Just YouTube embed the good ones tomorrow.
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    I'm not gonna install a new plugin to watch it.
    Just YouTube embed the good ones tomorrow.
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  • It's starting!!
  • I shall call spoilers the UK will lose.
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    A well deserved win for Denmark.
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  • Yes!! Third last!
  • Well, this one is worth watching. Made it on BoingBoing.

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    This year's competition was exceptionlly boring, "Vlad the Impaler" (see Scott's post) was one of only three remarkable songs, everything else was just boring and ordinary.

    BTW, CEZAR's actual competition performance is way more flashy.

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    This one

    and this one

    were the only other two songs that made a good impression (I still shudder thinking about Bonny Tyler's "performance").
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    Wait, Bonnie Tyler was there? I thought it was amateurs only, like the old olympics? If pros are allowed to participate, why doesn't everyone just send pros? And if you're the UK, and you can send a pro, why send Bonnie Tyler? The queen should command sir knights Elton and Paul to go together. How can they possibly lose? It would also have the side effect of getting the whole world to notice Eurovision where now only people from Europe or the Internet notice it.
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    There's no such rule. They don't have to be from your country, either - Celine Dion represented Switzerland in 1988, apparently, and she was already a pro by that point. They did win, too. Pros do feature, from time to time(well, depending on how you define pro, most of the people participating are professionals, just not stars), but it's not hugely common to get superstars in.

    You'll have to get someone else to explain why they don't, though. Far as I know, it's mostly because the whole thing is taken as a bit of a laugh, rather than being a super cereal winner-takes-all battle of the European bands. Practically nobody takes Eurovision seriously - well, in the Olympic sense, they're not up there to embarrass themselves. It's getting together, hanging out with the rest of Europe, and listening to some tunes, rather than Olympic-style hardcore competition.

    Edit - Probably something to do with the "Spirit of eurovision" or something, maybe. I don't know.
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  • If you kept the same feel and still sent pros, it could be epic. Imagine Daft Punk going for France, and just being silly.
  • If you kept the same feel and still sent pros, it could be epic. Imagine Daft Punk going for France, and just being silly.
    Seriously, you've got all the shrugs I have to give, I dunno. It would be pretty fuckin' ace, but they're yet to go for it. I'm sure one of the local Europeans we've befriended can tell us, though.
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    OK, the reasons there are few pro's who go for the contest are various.

    One is that the song has to be a new song that is being made especially for the contest and I assume the artists retains very few if any rights to said song.

    Another is the style of music expected for the contest. Not everyone wants to make a song like that and if you try to go with a song of your own that is not in the style of Eurovision you may not get past the national primary (there have been seriously good jazzy, functronic, etc. songs in the Finnish primaries that never made it past first cut).

    Then there is the fact that most countries (cough, Finland, cough) have extremely slim chances of winning regardless of the quality of the song, and no-one wants to work a ton for essentially free, and then be stuck in place 2 -- 26.

    Finally there is the subculture to which the contest, not exactly panders, but is aimed at. The fact that it is considered a bit of an amateur thing. Also, some artists wouldn't be caught dead producing a song for such a blatantly commercial event.
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  • And here are those YouTubes you were waiting for. BoingBoing has it covered.
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