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GeekNights Presents Utena: ep07

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GeekNights Presents: Utena
Episode 07

Episode seven of Utena is where the show really gets into its groove. Duels are introduced and occur within as little as a single episode. The formula of a duel's progression is established. This is the point from which Utena is the show everyone remembers it to be (until the cars show up).

We also now have a sense of Juri. What was she truly fighting for? Why does everyone else already know who's on the photograph in her locket? Why did Shiori betray her? What were Ruka's feelings at the time? More importantly, why did Juri LOSE? Were here intentions not just as pure-hearted as Utena's? She even defeated the Power of Dios, and lost on account of a "miracle." What is the real reason that drive Juri to fight?

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    Excellent, more GeekNights Presents! I think this is your longest one yet.
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  • That's not Ruka.
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    When we get to the third arc, I want to make the argument that he is.

    This argument requires spoilers, and is one way to explain why certain people live so long, including certain people with scary elevators.
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    A translation of the chart in the student council meeting. Scroll to the bottom of page. I love the 'road to loserdom'
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