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Need some help with a transgender issue. Looking for information on support groups for teens (help in adjusting not "scare 'em straight")

Along with stuff that can be done to alter outward appearance without drugs/surgery. Also parental support groups so we don't do stupid shit by accident.


  • I don't really have anything to recommend other than what an obvious Google search would yield (namely this), but I want to say that you're a pretty good father/friend/whatever for being concerned enough to ask.
  • This is a good resource in general. They also have a find-a-doc section where transgender issues is one of the search parameters you can choose.
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    I am surprised we do not already have a general parental advise thread on here with how many parents there are.

    As for your questions here are two site that I have heard of:
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  • Things I thought this thread was about before reading it:
  • I'd also highly recommend GenderSpectrum, as they've got both some short-form resources and direction to more long-form ones. A local PFLAG chapter is going to be good for some basics, and might turn out to be great, but I'd recommend trying to find trans-specific resources as soon as possible; lots of people who are perfectly well-educated about gay and lesbian issues are still relatively uninformed about trans stuff. If the teen in question is at a relatively progressive school, there will probably be at least one faculty member who's knowledgeable about this sort of thing, and I'd recommend asking that person for help as well: they'll likely know of more local resources that might not be immediately visible to a quick internet search.
  • The asktransgender subreddit, as well as the related ftm/mtf subreddits are well moderated.
  • I'd suggest getting in touch with BAGLY, (Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth) . They are the oldest youth-run LGBT youth group in the country, and well connected with other such groups so they might know of resources closer to you. Their web site mentions a summit in July for trans youth and parents.

    Grace Sterling Stowall is the director of BAGLY (or some similar title). She is trans, and a friend of mine from way back. I'm a BAGLY alumna circa 1985. If you talk to Grace, please give her my greetings.
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