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GeekNights Presents Utena: ep08

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GeekNights Presents: Utena
Episode 08

Episode eight of Utena is the last bit of silliness for the remainder of the first story arc. Nonetheless, what does this episode tell us? Did Nanami really go to India? How did she not die? How could Anthy's cooking have POSSIBLY made this body swap happen? Is it possible that this episode is nothing more than Anthy (or someone else) having a little fun at Nanami's expense?

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  • Woooo~

    Looks like mostly stuff I'd already considered before, but still cool! Though, admittedly, I'd never thought that hard before about the possibility that Nanami never even went to India. Don't know why, because given the other things I believe about the structure of the Utenaverse, it makes perfect sense.
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    In the image showing up for that video I feel like Scott has decided to send someone to the gulag.
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  • That episode didn't have much to go on.

    The only thing we didn't really get into was how obviously Anthy was behind this whole thing, even at the expense of Touga.

    Also, notice how Touga stands there while Saionji is talking about the exchange diary in the rose garden. He knows the deal with the swapped bodies, and is just waiting for the hammer to fall. ;^)

    We'll revisit this episode once we talk about episode 38...
  • Good time to get back to it. Episode 34 or 38 would probably be best, yeah.
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