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Onion Router, HTTPS Everywhere, DuckDuckGo

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Tech Feed just recommended these three sites today. They're described as a few anti-spying browsing tools in the wake of PRISM and other such government projects.

Since this forum is quite knowledgeable in network security and such, let's put these pieces of software to the test. Do these projects work as advertised, or are they broken/total bullshit?
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    Well Tor works but its not perfect and its really not usable for much of the internet. While there is the possibility of you being on a rogue node, it would be pretty unlikely for anything to happen like that, and I've heard it would take several rogue nodes working together to de-anon you. Duckduckgo is fine if you don't want Google to know what you're searching but still be careful. HTTPS everywhere is great but it only works on certain sites with it enabled.. Your best bet is really just using a vpn and Tor for anything more shady, and just being careful what you post. The privacy extensions do help to. is an interesting list of apps but it does have a little too much tin foil.
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  • Tor is very effective, but slow and impractical for most people's everyday use. The Chrome port of HTTPS Everywhere was kind of fucked last I used it - some sites wouldn't work at all and other sites were sort of broken, though you could fix that yourself by removing the bad filters I suppose (and it may have improved since). I'm not nearly paranoid enough to use any search engine other than Google simply for privacy reasons, but I guess if you're desperate it could be okay? If you're already using Tor, DDG isn't really going to do much for you.
  • If you're already using Tor, DDG isn't really going to do much for you.
    Google also indexes your searches. Say you happen to search for "Take out near 23rd, Washington lane, Bumsville". Even if you're using TOR, google will figure out who you are. Besides, they store cookies, which you'll still transmit to them; you might be signed in, too. There's plenty of ways for Google to identify you and keep logs on you.

    Duck Duck Go's search is fine, it's extra features are cool, and it's promise not to keep logs seems real. In the end though, only Duck Duck Go knows if they're really not keeping any logs.
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