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Serial Experiments Lain/Kino no Tabi director Ryutaro Nakamura has died from cancer

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Serial Experiments Lain Director Ryutaro Nakamura Passes Away via ANN

We might never get Despera now. Or another season of Kino no Tabi (as if, Japan has 0 taste). :'(
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    That is a real bummer. On another note, I kind of agree with you about Japan. There's this market for anime there that is very similar to the one for Duck Dynasty and Honey Booboo, here. Nationalist homophobes that like to look at little girls in provocative dress. It seems to be a problem everywhere, but in Japan, it has the unique effect of creating a consumer market for anime that is alienated from the feminist, progressive, creators of anime. Everyone knows about how Hideaki Anno feels about Japanese otaku, but even Miyazaki has spoken up about it. I'm no Ayn Rand or Andrew Ryan, but sometimes it feels like the cities are lit by the light bulbs flickering above the heads of the chosen few. Each time one of those bulbs goes out, the cities of the world grow darker.
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