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GameCenter CX

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I watched this when it first popped up on Kotaku a while ago and I think Scott made it his TotD, but I never really got into it until a few weeks ago because of the constant references being made about it by some friends.

At first glance, it seems like nothing too special. It's a Japanese television show that started in 2003 with a format that pretty much everyone on the internet is probably sick of by now, i.e. "guy plays retro video games that are really hard yielding entertaining results."

GameCenter CX is definitely something more than that, however. Arino isn't your typical TV personality; he is soft-spoken, humble, and genuine. He's definitely a funny guy, but doesn't forcibly try and crack jokes in the way you might expect. The show has a TON of heart, and the film crew makes no attempt to conceal their audible laughter, excited cheering, and disappointment at Arino's quips, triumphs, and failures.

I highly recommend this show, here's a few select episodes to get you started. Takeshi's Challenge and Mystery of Atlantis are two of the most classic episodes. I also really liked Super Mario Bros 2 (The Lost Levels) and the Pokemon Special, which has a very good interview with Satoshi Tajiri and a revisit of SMB2(Part 1 and Part 2).


  • Welcome to the 21st century, Sail. I hope you survived the Y2K crash in an okay manner.
  • I've very much wanted to go and watch this. I've known about it forever, but keep forgetting about it. Now that you've done the heavy lifting of putting some links with good starter episodes, and made this post, I will probably follow through. Thanks!
  • I watched it on Kotaku, and I knew I was getting an edited/gimped version. I like it a ton, and have always wanted to go and watch the whole thing unedited in order with proper subtitles. I know that Discotek has a bunch of it on DVD.

    The main thing keeping me from marathoning this show is not being able to figure out the original episode order.
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    The main thing keeping me from marathoning this show is not being able to figure out the original episode order.
    This site lists the correct viewing order. Also all the episodes on Blip are labeled correctly by season and episode number and also differentiate between which are full episodes with all the segments and which are just clips. Pretty much every episode it seems like can be found unedited on either Blip or Dailymotion by googling.
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  • There was a recent two hour special of Mega Man 2?

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    There are also some GC CX videos that were made just for the Japanese Nintendo Channel, and this one where Satoru Iwata and Arino shoot the shit and play Balloon Fight is really great.
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    So I decided to try watching this show. Went over to the channel, starting with S01E01 link from the OP, but according to the site with the full viewing order's episode description, this is only the second half of the episode? I enjoyed it, and would like to see the whole thing.

    Then went on to Episode 2 but that is only a 7 min video, def not the full thing. Is that just how this show is? Partially translated? Seems like mostly the challenge segments are there, leaving the interviews and such out.
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  • The Kotaku version is. You can find it fansubbed pretty easily if you know where to look.
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    Arino vs. Miyamoto

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  • That SMB level looks fun, I want to play it.

  • Apparently Arino made that level.
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