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Viz Announces Monster Omnibus Editions!

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At Otakon, Viz announced that starting in July 2014, they will be reprinting Monster in 2-in-1 volumes, on a 3 month schedule. I'm very excited about this since I've never read Monster, but even at 9 omnibus volumes, that's 27 months or a little over 2 years for the whole series. I wish more manga publishers would do what Dark Horse did, years ago, when they first released Lone Wolf and Cub: one volume every month.
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  • Cool, I was just listening to an Anime News Network podcast where they were interviewing the viz people and they made it sound like Monster was a flop commercially and they might end up not renewing the license. I thought that was short sighted being that HBO might be adapting it to a show. So good move on them to keep that going.
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