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Interactive Mapping Software

edited August 2013 in Technology
A few community organizations are looking to create some maps for creating public discussion and also for making people aware of available resources. I have a basic competence with ArcGis. I was wondering if there are any good programs to make interactive maps or tools that make it easy for lay people to add data or update the map. ArcGis has a very powerful toolset but licenses are very expensive and it's interface and operation could be called dense charitably. I was thinking of learning StatSilk it seems very easy and I have made some flash based maps and it is free for non-profits. Any other solution I am missing. Other than Batchgeo?


  • More of a web thing than a software thing, but I've found Mapbox's API really easy to use. It uses OpenStreetMap data and it pretty cheap/free, depending on the use case.
  • I will give it a shot thanks for the input.
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