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Curved OLEDs: Would you get one?

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Samsung and LG are rushing to get these out to market.


I'm curious to know: Would you be interested in getting one (when the price drops, at least), or is it a failed gimmick like the 3DTV?


  • Might be neat to get a monitor like that. I've seen super widescreen curved monitors before but most of them were DLP and you could see the lines between the different projections if you looked closely. Other than that it just kind of looks awkward.
  • OLED has been pitched as eventually being very cheap to produce, so unless it's overtaken by something else, I'm sure we'll all have one.
  • What is the purpose of it being curved?
  • I suppose if it's large enough it'll help overlap your peripheral vision? I can't think of why it'd be a good feature otherwise.
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    People are buying TVs that are too big for their room. Instead of buying smaller TVs, let's make the big TV curve so that it isn't stupid. Derp derp derp.

    Or is there something I'm missing?
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  • I'll bet it has a better glare profile. Just guessing however.
  • What is the purpose of it being curved?
    A panoramic view, if you're interested in that.
  • HD Nation has a review for it.

    (Fast-forward to 4:28.)
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    If the whole idea with OLEDs is to save space, what's the point of putting a curve to it?
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  • Not as curved as I was afraid it would be but it still seems pretty silly to me.
  • We just got an LG OLED TV in the Best Buy I work at. It's quite an amazing TV. It has the vividness of an LED while keeping the deep blacks and good skin tones of a plasma. It's still far too expensive, though.
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