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Live at PAX Prime 2013!

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Fresh from PAX Australia (where we presented Beyond Dungeons & Dragons), join us at PAX Prime 2013, where we will be presenting Bad Games!

Bad GamesMonday @ noon
Wolfman Theatre

Pre-PAX, we would love to see you at the Pre-PAX Sky High Tabletop Play Benefitting Food Lifeline! We'll be there in VIP style running games, teaching games, and maybe even playing games with you lot! The event is almost sold out, so don't delay: it's the only guaranteed-table space to pregame PAX... in style!

Already at PAX? Missing PAX? Tide yourself over with some of our past presentations from previous paxes!

Hopefully we'll see you there (or saw you there, and you're looking at this page thanks to that tiny flyer we handed out)!
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  • One of Luke's panels from this PAX:

    As I continue to chew through a bunch of old con footage I have been sitting on forever!
  • Kind of confusing without being able to see what's on the projector.
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