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Tim Minchin appreciation thread

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If you don't know who he is already, get to know

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  • I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Tim Minchin was in the episodes of Californication that my plane on the way home from Ireland had.
  • Nice try Tim Minchin, we're on to you.
  • Nice thread! You forgot this one though:
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    Had no idea there was an animation that goes with it. AWe-some! Tried not to paste everything he's done, to allow people to discover the Minch for themselves.

    Thanks for sharing though!!
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  • Tried not to paste everything he's done, to allow people to discover the Minch for themselves.
    I think the best thing to do was post a list of your top 5 songs of his, and then people could REALLY have discovered him for themselves.
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    Basically did, pressing play is an option. Though not a list of 5
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  • I like Tim Minchin, but if I didn't already your first post isn't the kind of thing that would turn me on to him. There's a reason why the music thread has, right in the title, the request not to turn it into a wall of YouTube videos. A wall of YouTube videos is daunting, and on my smart phone it doesn't even show the video title, only the still image. The same still image of the same person over and doesn't let me know the names of the songs, nor tells me anything about the musician.

    How about a story like this, from the fourth day I knew my current girlfriend:

    "Yesterday she came over to hang out for a while before driving me and my work gear over to her place for the night. I needed to do some work, and tidy, and pack, so I had to find something to distract her from me so she would stop distracting me from my work. So I did a "Does she think Tim Minchin is awesome?" test. Sit her in front of YouTube, and tell her to click through his videos. As it turns out, she thinks he's amazing. Box ticked."

    That kind of story can show real appreciation for an artist. A wall of YouTube videos? Not so much. Make it personal. Tell me some why and how, not just what to listen to.
  • Point taken there, but I don't have a personal reason like that. I appreciate him for his talent, intelligence and humour. I thought that by starting the thread with a few of his videos, it would save people the 1 tab to Google who I'm talking about. There's a nice small palette of his performances conveniently within this thread.

    Discussion & appreciation can happen under my wall of videos.
  • That's not a personal reason, it's a personal story about my appreciation.
  • Doubt people will appreciate my story.

    I saw him on Youtube, lol-ed, saw him on stage, lol-ed even more.
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    My ex already knew and liked Tim Minchin before I got to her. That's how you know they're special.
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  • Met the dude he was pretty chill and great to debate philosophy with. Very different to his stage persona, still boss.
  • Should have named this thread "comedian/ comedy appreciation"

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